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Uncovering Hidden Data
How to Collect the Mobile Data Your Investigation is Missing

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer

Aired: July 27, 2023
Duration: 25 minutes

The amount of data stored on phones is overwhelming.

In 95% of investigations, text messages and conversations are used as evidence sources.

Investigators need to be able to be able to retrieve the full, comprehensive picture of what’s on a device and do so quickly and efficiently. With advanced collection capabilities, investigators can access collaborative third-party chat application data, chat conversations, location data, emails stored on the device, system and application logs, and even deleted data.

Whether you are collecting from departing employees as a routine best practice, collecting regularly from third party chat applications to stay compliant with regulation, or working on a specific case to find implicating evidence, accessing the full, comprehensive picture of what’s on a device is necessary.

If investigators can collect all the data from full file system to even deleted data, then they are more likely to find all the data needed to support investigations and litigation.

Tune in as Monica Harris, Product Business Manager, showcases how the most advanced collection capabilities are now within reach for organizations of all sizes. See firsthand how corporate investigators and eDiscovery practitioners can:

  • Collect from devices in a forensically sound manner
  • Collect not just what is on the device, but even deleted data from third party chat applications like WeChat, WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram
  • Access and analyze data with file-based encryption and full-disk encryption


  • Monica Harris Product Business Manager, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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