As the need for businesses to protect their sensitive information from unauthorized access increases, digital security has become a top priority. In the face of data breaches, intellectual property theft, and employee misconduct, conducting internal investigations has become crucial to corporate security protocols. However, as new security measures are implemented in the latest Apple devices and iOS systems, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to access and extract critical data from these devices.

The Power of Cellebrite Mobile Elite

This is where Cellebrite’s Mobile Elite solution comes in. Mobile Elite empowers businesses with its robust capabilities, allowing them to conduct comprehensive full-file system analyses, perform physical extractions, and gain access to highly protected locations. With this powerful tool at their disposal, corporate investigators can cast a wide net, uncovering crucial incriminating evidence.

Mobile Elite is Cellebrite’s solution that enables businesses to collect and analyze files from iOS and Android devices. With its advanced and logical collections, Mobile Elite can collect data from ephemeral third-party chat apps, SMS/MMS messages, encrypted messaging platforms, pictures, videos, audio, browser data, calendar events, call logs, and contacts, giving businesses a comprehensive view of their employees’ digital activities. Administrators can select specific artifacts of interest or exclude irrelevant data to conduct a full analysis and can even collect application logs to see what was installed and when it was accessed.

Accessing Data from the Latest iOS Systems

What sets Mobile Elite apart is its ability to access and extract data from the latest Apple products, including the iPhone 14 family of phones and the latest iOS 16 updates. This is a significant achievement that demonstrates Cellebrite’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in digital forensics.

Mobile Elite’s accessibility to the entire iPhone 14 series of phones enables examiners to obtain full file system extractions, providing the highest probability of obtaining deleted records, third-party application data, iOS biome data, and the iOS keychain. This is crucial for businesses that need to investigate and prevent data breaches, intellectual property theft, and employee misconduct.

But that’s not all. With Mobile Elite’s advanced capabilities, corporate investigators can also collect and analyze data from Android devices, expanding the range of devices that can be examined—making it a comprehensive solution for digital forensics investigations across both iOS and Android platforms.

Keeping Ahead of Changes

Mobile Elite’s ability to access data from the latest Apple products is a significant milestone for businesses, enabling them to lawfully access critical evidence to support their investigations. With its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, Cellebrite ensures that its customers have access to the most advanced solutions and capabilities, critical for the successful outcome of their investigations.

To learn more about the latest version of Mobile Elite, along with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions’ full suite of powerful and intuitive tools, contact us today.

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