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Tips and Tricks: Data Collection for Cloud Workplace Applications

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer

Aired: November 17, 2022
Duration: 40 minutes

Throughout the past few years, the way employees communicate with each other has changed forever.

69% of employees note that the number of business applications they use at work has increased during the pandemic.

Desk phones, LAN lines and even VOIP have become technologies of the past workplace environment as employees turn to cloud applications on their computers and phones to collaborate with each other in today’s workplace environment.

Whether it’s conversations in Teams, file uploads in Slack chats, or confidential documents stored in Office 365, the amount of data stored and where it is stored, is growing quicker than IT and systems administrators can keep up with.

Corporate investigators and eDiscovery professionals need to seamlessly collect relevant data from cloud sources and accelerate the time to investigative and discovery review.

With the latest in Cellebrite’s remote collection suite of capabilities, investigators and legal professionals can benefit from secure collection with targeted capabilities for the most used workplace applications.

Join Monica Harris, Product Business Manager, as she showcases how investigators can:

  • Manage multiple cloud collections through a web interface
  • Cull data prior to collection to save time and money by gaining these valuable insights of the data available
  • Collect data from the fastest growing cloud collaboration applications like Office365, Google Workspace, Slack and Box
  • Login to a single source for workplace app collection without logging into every app and pulling data from multiple sources for every employee
  • Utilize a single unified collection workflow for computer, mobile and workplace cloud applications without the need to purchase multiple tools for different types of collections – a solution unique to Cellebrite’s enterprise solution capabilities


  • Monica Harris Product Manager with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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