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Computer Collection and Analysis in 2022

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer

Aired: 22 April, 2022
Duration: 20 minutes

Corporate Investigators are seeing more computer forensics investigations than ever before. Since people are accessing computers and corporate systems beyond the office, enterprises are more concerned about how to handle critical issues like sensitive data being shared and exposed as employees leave the company, litigation, and employee misconduct.

Organizations realize valuable data stored on computers can help reveal the full picture when conducting corporate investigations. As remote work is the new norm and employees are departing companies at an astounding rate, it’s more important than ever that investigators are up to date on the latest in computer collection and analysis capabilities. 

Join Emmy Gamble, Quality Assurance Analyst, as she takes a deeper look at how examiners can quickly and efficiently find internet history, downloads, recent searches, top sites, locations, media, messages, recycle bin, and USB connections.

Follow along as Emmy showcases the latest computer collection and analysis capabilities in Cellebrite Inspector that include running on MacOS Monterey, premier visibility and navigation into Registry views, a faster and easier classified content and reporting experience, support for the latest iOS and Mac Artifacts, enhancements to Snapshots and Volume Shadow Copies, and more!


  • Emmy Gamble Quality Assurance Analyst with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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