The eDiscovery process of producing a core volume of evidence for litigation in a manner that preserves the integrity of the data is a necessary, critical function to protect corporations from internal and external threats, such as fraud or intellectual property theft.

So why are corporate investigators hampered in their efforts today?

The Challenges Of eDiscovery

eDiscovery is just as urgent as ever, but recent trends have made it harder to execute:

  • As companies have postponed bringing all employees back to the office or shifted to a hybrid working model, accessing employees’ devices has become more problematic.
  • Even in situations when devices are more readily accessible, managers can be reluctant to surrender them in order to prevent a disruption in productivity.
  • Corporate investigators often lack the tools to collect targeted data from the enormous volume of information generated by employees.
  • Employees often do their work assignments on their own personal digital devices that lack security protocols or use unsecured networks, putting company data at severe risk.
  • Employees also use communication, messaging, and collaborative apps which have not been authorized by the company.
  • Heightened privacy concerns and the likelihood that their personal data will be unintentionally swept up in the eDiscovery process make employees reluctant to hand over their devices to investigators.

Companies that hope to make their eDiscovery operations efficient must find a new solution to meet today’s challenges. Cellebrite’s remote mobile and computer collection offering for enterprises meets those challenges.

The Solution For Efficient eDiscovery

Drawing on its expertise in providing sophisticated tools for the law enforcement community, Cellebrite has refined their remote mobile and computer collection solution for the unique eDiscovery demands of corporate investigators.

Cellebrite’s remote mobile and computer collection solution:

  • Empowers investigators with the capability to streamline vast amounts of data prior to review, reducing costly review cycles by the legal team.
  • Addresses privacy concerns by collecting only targeted data and providing a record of employee consent.
  • Allows investigators to view consolidated threads quickly and save time with flexible production options to directly upload them for review after messaging and chat application data (including recovering deleted messages), have been collected.
  • Eliminates the costs and logistical nightmare of sending investigators directly to an employee’s location by collecting and accessing data remotely from almost any digital device, regardless of whether they are on the corporate network or outside.
  • Provides investigators with the capability to build a comprehensive, 360-degree picture of employee activity to help them confidently uncover the truth—whether providing evidence that supports or refutes claims of employee misconduct.

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