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    • Vast amounts of complex pharmaceutical data can be difficult to identify and collect
    • Data collection is subject to strict regulations
    • Confidential and sensitive information must be kept secure throughout process
    • Robust security measures add complexity and costs

Endpoint Inspector allowed quick access to evidence, streamlined workflows, optimized data collection, greatly improving its operations

Tools: Endpoint Inspector


eDiscovery can be particularly challenging for pharmaceutical companies due to the vast amount of data they generate and store, including clinical trial data, regulatory submissions, patents, contracts, and correspondence. This data is often stored in various locations, including different departments, systems, and countries, making it difficult to identify and collect relevant data in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Pharmaceutical Lab - Source: ShutterstockPharmaceutical data is also often complex, including a variety of data types such as text, images, and videos. Additionally, the data is often subject to complex regulations and requirements, such as FDA and HIPAA guidelines, which can further complicate the eDiscovery process.

Legal proceedings have strict deadlines, thus forcing eDiscovery to be completed within a limited timeframe. However, identifying, collecting, and reviewing relevant data can be a time-consuming process, particularly for pharmaceutical companies with large and complex data sets.

Additionally, the process can be expensive, including legal fees, data collection, processing, review, and analysis, along with production of documents. Pharmaceutical companies must ensure their data is secure throughout the eDiscovery process to protect confidential and sensitive information.

This requires robust security measures, such as encryption and access controls, which can add to the complexity and cost of eDiscovery. In the following win story, we will examine how one leading pharmaceutical company overcame these challenges and successfully navigated the eDiscovery process.


This major pharmaceutical company’s eDiscovery team faced a number of challenges when attempting to collect digital evidence in their hybrid work environment. Their main concern was collecting data from iOS and Android devices, but they also needed to be able to target specific datasets for direct integration with their Relativity review platform.

Furthermore, the solutions used previously had difficulty in formatting collected data into RSMF for enhanced workflows and lacked the forensically sound methods needed to present evidence in court. They needed an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that could be adopted quickly.


Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector software was the perfect solution for them, allowing quick access to evidence regardless of remote work challenges with employees across the globe. Through its streamlined workflow capabilities and processes, optimized data collection, and rapid time to evidence, Endpoint Inspector enabled this global pharmaceutical company to greatly improve its operations.

Moreover, they reduced the manual labor involved in collecting data from custodians and eliminated the need for mailing physical devices or making on-site visits. The software also enabled users to access evidence from a variety of devices and cloud workplace applications, including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and more—so it can be used in litigation efficiently.


Thanks to Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector solution, this pharmaceutical company has experienced a dramatic improvement in its eDiscovery operations mainly through increased efficiencies in collecting evidence. By leveraging leading-edge technology and innovative solutions, it has seen significant time savings, travel and shipping cost savings, reduced manual labor, and faster access to evidence when needed. This comprehensive solution from Cellebrite has allowed them to streamline their operations while continuing to access evidence when required.

Why Cellebrite

The challenges facing pharmaceutical companies in the eDiscovery process are vast and complex, from the sheer amount and variety of data generated to the stringent regulations and requirements. However, this win story has demonstrated that solutions such as Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector can significantly improve operations and streamline workflows.

This software enabled the pharmaceutical company to access evidence quickly and efficiently, regardless of remote work challenges, reducing manual labor involved in data collection, and eliminating the need for physical device mailing or on-site visits.

By leveraging innovative solutions like Endpoint Inspector, pharmaceutical companies can overcome the eDiscovery challenges they face and achieve success in the legal proceedings they encounter. Such software provides streamlined workflows, optimized data collection, rapid access to evidence and forensically sound digital evidence with an unbroken and secure chain-of-custody, thereby saving valuable time and money, enhancing the eDiscovery process from collection to review for litigation.

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