Doing a thorough internal corporate investigation has become significantly harder and more complex. Before the exodus of workers from their cubicles, investigators had easy access to their computers,  phones, and data. But with a scattered remote workforce, accessing devices is now difficult, laborious, and time-consuming.

Even the shift to a hybrid working model where some employees spend only some time at company headquarters has not lessened the problem. On top of that, investigators are facing a cascade of obstacles. For example:

  • Instead of working on company-issued equipment, employees are using their own personal devices— laptops, tablets, even smartphones—to do their jobs. For every device, an employee uses that is not officially sanctioned by the company, the harder it becomes for investigators to even know where to start looking for pertinent data.

  • Employees are working on devices that often don’t have robust security safeguards or are connected to unsecured networks, putting company data at severe risk.

  • Employees are also using unauthorized apps on their mobile devices to communicate and collaborate among themselves. Some of these apps, like Slack, have no central server or IT structure, impeding investigators from collecting relevant data.

  • Questions about privacy are being raised more often. Employees who use their own devices for work risk commingling their personal data—such as emails, photos, and videos—with business files, making them extremely reluctant to turn over their devices to investigators and potentially expose embarrassing, private, or sensitive material.

Clearly, remote working has created a new set of challenges for corporate investigators, requiring new tools to address them. To that end, Cellebrite’s Remote Mobile Collection capabilities are a true game-changer.

With its unified remote mobile and remote computer collection capabilities, this new solution from Cellebrite provides one single server that manages the collection process, giving investigators full control over all employee devices in a given investigation, instead of having to manage things across different platforms. In addition:

  • Cellebrite’s Remote Mobile Collection capabilities allow investigators to gather insights across multiple data sources to obtain a well-rounded, 360-degree view of employee communications and activities for in-depth investigations. By building a comprehensive picture of employee activity, investigators can not only accumulate data that supports their claims of employee misconduct, but they can also exonerate innocent employees by refuting erroneous claims.

  • This new Remote Mobile Collection capability slashes the costs of corporate investigations because it collects employee data remotely from mobile devices and computers, whether they are on the corporate network or outside. It also eliminates the need to ship equipment or send investigators to an employee’s location to extract key files.

  • Besides collecting existing data relevant to an investigation, this solution can also recover deleted messages. The tool can then review data more quickly, identify consolidated threads, and save time with flexible production options that directly upload the files for faster analysis.

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your corporate investigations in this remote working environment, contact Cellebrite today. To read more on how Cellebrite’s Remote Mobile Collection capabilities can help your investigative team, click here.

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