• Leverage the most advanced smart phone collection methods with Mobile Elite and never miss key evidence.

  • Do you need to collect from departing employees as a routine best practice?
  • Do you need to collect regularly from third party chat applications to stay compliant with regulation?
  • Do you have a need to find implicating evidence on a mobile device for a specific case?

Accessing the full picture of what’s on a device is now within reach for
organizations of all sizes.

With Mobile Elite, organizations can:

  • Benefit from combining UFED with Mobile Elite to leverage the most advanced collection methods for unparalleled access to collaborative third-party application data and chat conversations.
  • Perform full-file systems, physical extractions, and access to highly protected locations so corporate investigators can cast the widest net possible for uncovering key incriminating evidence.
  • Access the latest operating systems and devices, including iOS AFU iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 running the latest iOS 16.5.1
  • Leverage the most advanced collection methods for unparalleled access to location data, emails stored on the device, system and application logs, and deleted content.
  • Gain lawful access to locked devices for a comprehensive picture about what’s on the device and whether the messaging data has been deleted or not.
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Uncovering the most amount of device data in a digital investigation is possible with Mobile Elite.

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