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Mobile Elite: Powerful and Accessible Mobile Extractions at Your Fingertips

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer

Aired: 21 June, 2022
Duration: 20 minutes

Uncovering the most amount of device data in a digital investigation is key to finding implicating evidence.

In 95% of investigations, text messages and conversations are used as evidence sources.

Corporate Investigators need the ability to gather insights across a variety of data sources, especially third-party application data, chat conversations, location data, emails stored on the device, system and application logs, and deleted content.

With Mobile Elite’s advanced smartphone collection capabilities, investigators can perform full-file systems, physical extractions, and access to highly protected locations to uncover key incriminating evidence.

Join Ashley Hernandez, VP of Product with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, as she showcases Mobile Elite’s selective collection abilities, new flexible deployment options with SaaS, and how the most advanced collection capabilities are now within reach for organizations of all sizes.

In this webinar, you will see firsthand how to learn how Mobile Elite can empower you to:

  • Forensically collect from devices
  • See the entire picture of the investigation by collecting deleted
  • Collect from constant up to date versions for operating systems
  • Access data with file-based encryption and full-disk encryption
  • Extract full file system from iOS and Android devices
  • Gather deleted data from third party chat applications like WeChat, WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram
  • Increase flexibility in where and how you can conduct these extractions


  • Ashley Hernandez VP of Product Management with Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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