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Leveraging SaaS to Power Mobile Data Collections and Advanced Collections

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer

Aired: October 26, 2023
Duration: 1 hour

Leveraging the efficiency of remote collection and the unmatched power of advanced extractions for mobile devices is key to streamlining your investigations.

By utilizing remote collection for your mobile data acquisitions in investigations and eDiscovery cases, your teams can collect more, in less time, by collecting only the data you need. Avoiding travel costs, protecting employee privacy and gathering in-depth insights across the widest variety of data sources, all in one streamlined workflow allows your teams to focus on what matters most: thorough, efficient and cost-effective investigations

Introducing Cellebrite’s groundbreaking new remote collection Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for mobile data acquisitions – Endpoint Mobile Now. Mobile Now is designed to supercharge your corporate investigative capabilities and eDiscovery processes with the power of remote collection and the peace of mind knowing you always have the latest and most up to date solution.

Join Monica Harris, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions Product Business Manager, for an insightful exploration of our SaaS-based solution, Endpoint Mobile Now and how combining this with our SaaS based advanced extraction capabilities can help you create your most efficient investigation yet.

Throughout the webinar, Monica explores:

  • Features and benefits of our patent-pending remote mobile data acquisition solution, Endpoint Mobile Now
  • How to utilize these remote mobile collection capabilities to empower corporate investigators and legal professionals by collecting only the data you need
  • Why leveraging SaaS Infrastructure for remote data collection will supercharge your investigations and help you stay ahead in the evolving mobile device environment
  • How to collect simultaneously from multiple mobile devices and discover relevant evidence without resource overhead
  • How you can remotely collect and preserve mobile data immediately while custodians keep their devices and upload data faster than ever for examiners to analyze.

Discover how this cutting-edge solution is changing the landscape of corporate investigations, eDiscovery, and data collection.


  • Monica Harris Product Business Manager, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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