Introducing Cellebrite Training’s New Wallet Option

Cellebrite Training is pleased to announce a new way for our partners in Law Enforcement, Federal agencies and Corporate to take our training courses and how it can change how your organization's budgets for training each year.

The Training Wallet is a revolutionary way for Cellebrite Training to offer our extensive course portfolio in a more flexible way. This allows our customers to purchase training credits and utilize them based on course value. This provides the flexibility to choose their track offerings and plan it along the way, rather than have to decide what courses to take at the time of purchase. This is a great way for agencies and businesses to empower their people based on their own personal and professional paths.

Courses will be offered through Instructor-Led (ILT), Live-Online (LOL) and Web Based Training (WBT) options, and each have a different threshold when using credits. For example, a 1-day ILT/LOL would consume 9 credits per learning day, while a WBT would consume 8 credits per learning day. Depending on the course, learning days can be anywhere between 1-5 days.

This self-serve option will give our customers the flexibility and independence to build your desired course budget and mix and match training styles within agencies or businesses, and can be purchased in our My.Cellebrite Community Portal, under the “Training” tab, where customers can select and enroll in any public course, and see credit balances.


Cellebrite Training

For a complete list of Cellebrite’s latest in-person instructor-led, live online, and on-demand course offerings, please visit the Cellebrite Learning Center at or contact your local Training Specialist at or 1-800-942-3415, Option #3.​

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