The field of computer forensics is rapidly advancing, with corporations recognizing the value of data stored on computers to help uncover evidence in criminal investigations. According to the survey, respondents made up mostly of service providers and corporations stated that 95% of our data is collected from computers. The challenge for many forensic examiners is finding a reliable and efficient way to extract this data, especially from newer models.

To address this, Cellebrite’s new release of Digital Collector 3.5 can now safely boot all Mac devices, including Apple Intel as well as Silicon devices running the Ventura Mac operating system. This update provides forensic examiners with digital forensic triage, live data acquisition, and targeted data collection capabilities that are not available on any other forensics solution in the market today. The Digital Collector 3.5 release is invaluable for eDiscovery practitioners and corporate investigators looking to acquire legally admissible evidence from newer Mac models—easier and faster than ever before.

Designed to help investigators collect and analyze digital images quickly and efficiently, here are some highlights of Digital Collector’s best features:

Bootable Version in a Protected Environment for All Apple Intel and Silicon Devices

Digital Collector 3.5 allows for a bootable version in a protected environment for all Mac devices, which now includes Apple Intel devices with a T2 chip and Silicon devices with the M1 and M2 chips, allowing corporate investigators to access data from a wider range of Mac models, as well as running the macOS Ventura 13.x, which was previously inaccessible with earlier versions. This feature is an important advance in digital forensics, providing more control over the native environment during targeted data acquisition processes. As such, this feature makes Cellebrite’s Digital Collector invaluable for those working in eDiscovery and corporate investigation fields who need fast and reliable access to digital evidence in newer Apple models.

More Comprehensive Disk Images

Digital Collector 3.5 also offers a more comprehensive approach to disk imaging, providing the ability to create decrypted physical images of Apple T2, M1, and M2 chip systems, including unallocated and APFS Fusion drives. This helps ensure that no evidence is lost during the forensic imaging process, as all data can be accurately collected regardless of its original storage method. With this feature, investigators can acquire higher-quality evidence for an end-to-end picture, improving their understanding of the case and preserving the integrity of any gathered evidence. Be it for criminal cases or corporate investigations, Digital Collector’s comprehensive disk imaging capabilities help make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Accelerates Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigators can increase their efficiency and deliver results with speed, thanks to Digital Collector. It quickly identifies relevant digital evidence for acquisition and streamlines the forensic imaging process—drastically cutting time spent on investigations as well as reducing associated costs. Additionally, comparison between collected images against new ones during an investigation allows for a broader review of the data at hand, giving corporations complete assurance that they’re making use of their investigative teams in the best way possible.

Simple, Yet Powerful Data Collection

With its new features, this version of Cellebrite’s Digital Collector vastly expands its capabilities and can help expedite the acquisition of digital evidence from computers. Its ability to perform targeted data collection with selective extraction on all the latest Mac devices (with T2, M1, and M2 chips) plus the Ventura Mac operating system make it an invaluable asset for any contemporary forensic investigation. Rest assured that you’ll have the tools you need to quickly and accurately collect legally admissible evidence every time. Overall, it’s a powerful addition to any forensic investigator’s toolkit.

Cellebrite strives to keep abreast of changes in the industry and continues to do so in its bid to improve how eDiscovery professionals extract, preserve, and analyze data from computers, new and old.

For further information on current industry trends, download our Industry Trends Survey Report 2023. If you’d like to learn more about how you can obtain the latest version of Digital Collector as well as other Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, contact us today.

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