Incident Response

Detection and response are fundamental to protecting your organization against looming cybersecurity threats.


The Challenge

Privacy breaches and compromised data are an unfortunate reality for organizations of all sizes. According to the 2022 Cost of a Data Breach report from IBM, 83% of companies will be victim of a data breach. The complex nature of detecting the incident, understanding the scope of what occurred, and responding quickly and swiftly to threats is critical to protecting your business, employees, and your reputation. The global average cost of a data breach is $4.35 Million. Is your company properly equipped to mitigate these threats?

Organizations need to:

  • Quickly gather data from endpoints at a moment’s notice
  • Rapidly understand the impact of the attack
  • Minimize the response time
  • Analyze information from multiple sources on mobile devices, computers, and network logs

The Solution

Cellebrite Incident Response Solutions allow cyber, risk management, and information security teams to automatically collect and efficiently review a timeline of activity to narrow down the scope of an event.


  • Gain access to the relevant cloud, mobile, and computer data needed for analyzing a breach

  • Initiate mobile malware detection

  • Conduct root cause analysis using multiple sources of information

  • Triage capabilities to identify compromised systems and analysis of system logs and memory

Enterprise Solutions