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    • Remote data collection from employees without disrupting business operations
    • Accessing diverse data types without risking data loss
    • Performing targeted extractions of only relevant data

Result: Endpoint Inspector helped a global managed services provider overcome challenges in remote mobile collection and expand their eDiscovery capabilities, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in serving their clients

Tools: Endpoint Inspector


In today’s world, digital intelligence has become an indispensable part of legal proceedings and digital investigations. As the reliance on technology grows, so do the challenges of collecting and analyzing the vast amounts of digital data required to build a comprehensive picture of any given case. In this context, managed services providers (MSPs) face unique challenges when it comes to eDiscovery, particularly when it comes to mobile data collection and data analysis. They often find themselves being asked how they can collect data from employees or assist litigation experts with pending cases.

These challenges are compounded by the need to deliver services to both corporate clients and law firms, which requires a high degree of flexibility and scalability. Moreover, with the ever-increasing amounts of data that need to be analyzed, MSPs must ensure that they have access to industry-leading tools that can keep pace with the changing landscape of digital intelligence.

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One of the biggest challenges that MSPs face is remote mobile collection. This is due to the fact that many of their clients require data to be collected from employees or experts who are not physically present in the same location. This can create logistical hurdles when it comes to collecting data from devices, especially if the devices are located in different parts of the world. MSPs must also ensure that they can collect data from a wide variety of sources, including corporate computers, mobile devices, and cloud workplace applications, among others. The following win story will explore how a global MSP overcame these challenges using Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector to improve their eDiscovery capabilities.


One of the primary challenges that this global MSP faced was remote mobile collection. They were frequently asked to collect data from employees or to assist litigation experts with cases pending. This required them to access diverse data types and perform remote data collection without disrupting business operations or risking data loss. Additionally, the diverse range of data sources available meant that they needed to be able to manage a range of data types and perform targeted extractions of only relevant data.


The MSP turned to Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector solution to overcome these challenges. The solution allowed them to perform analysis on diverse data types as well as remote data collection, which eliminated the need to send personnel or devices to various locations, saving the company resources. Additionally, the Endpoint Inspector user interface enabled a “single pane of glass”, providing clarity in processes that streamlined their workflow and made it easier to manage data from multiple sources. With Endpoint Inspector, they were able to expand their service capabilities to offer better managed services to their clients, both corporate and law firms.


As a result of using Endpoint Inspector, the MSP was able to overcome their challenges and improve their service delivery to its global clients. The solution gave them the ability to assist their clients with industry-leading tools at their disposal, which ensured that they could be confident in the results they provided. Additionally, Endpoint Inspector allowed them to collect data from multiple sources, including computers, which expedited case closures and provided a complete picture from multiple angles. Overall, the solution provided by Cellebrite helped the MSP to scale their business and expand their services, enabling them to serve more clients with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Why Cellebrite

The use of Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector enabled the MSP to address their challenges related to remote mobile collection and data analysis. The solution provided them with efficient remote data collection capabilities and streamlined their workflows, resulting in increased accuracy and quicker case resolutions. As a result, it allowed for greater efficiency in the eDiscovery space and helped them improve their service offerings to achieve better success.

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