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Get your SaaS in Gear with Cloud-Based Remote Data Collection

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer

Aired: May 21, 2024

Modern investigations require modern data collection solutions to solve the complex challenges facing eDiscovery practitioners, corporate investigators and incident responders. With employees generating vast amounts of data stored across multiple platforms and applications, law firms and corporations alike face unprecedented data collection, preservation, storage, and review challenges.

Watch Andy Jacobs, Solutions Engineer at Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, in our on-demand webinar where we explore the complexities of computer and mobile data collection and introduce you to Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector – the ultimate SaaS-based solution for securing and unifying your remote collection workflow across all endpoints.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Adapting to changing collection methods: Stay ahead of the curve as we discuss evolving techniques for collecting data across mobile, computer, cloud and workplace applications.
  • Unified data acquisition: Explore how Endpoint Inspector seamlessly acquires data from various sources, including:
    • Mac, Windows and Linux based computers
    • The latest versions of Android and iOS mobile devices
    • Chat applications like WhatsApp and Telegram, initiated with a QR code for enhanced security
    • Cloud workplace apps such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and Box
  • Practical data storage and enhanced efficiency: Secure data storage options that are scalable like an Azure storage repository empower organizations. Learn how to exercise full control over collection options, precisely targeting data and devices, always maintaining control over where data is stored.
  • A comprehensive solution including threat mitigation: Broadening the scope of threat detection with enhanced YARA scanning to quickly respond to events that could impact your organization ensures a more comprehensive analysis of the digital landscape.

From eDiscovery cases, internal investigations, compliance requests, or threat mitigation, a solution that handles it all to save your business time and money is crucial.

Who Should Watch?

  • eDiscovery practitioners seeking streamlined collection solutions
  • Corporate investigators tasked with gathering evidence across diverse platforms
  • IT professionals responsible for ensuring data security and compliance


  • Andy Jacobs Solutions Engineer, Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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