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Tech Day

May 18, 2022 – London, UKCellebrite Office Mindspace, Metro Building 1 Butterwick W6 8DL

Join Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions for a tech day where our experts will review the latest advancements and best practices for remote collection of endpoints.


Are you up to date on the latest trends in remote data collection?

Secure remote collection and analysis of iOS, Mac, and Windows endpoint data is critical in today’s hybrid working environment. The shift to a hybrid working model means employee’s devices aren’t always accessible and increased privacy concerns are being raised by internal and external legal entities when collection from these devices. In addition, the cost of investigations is steadily rising as the scope and volume of data that must be reviewed increases.

With Cellebrite’s remote computer collection, remote mobile collection, and advanced collection capabilities, you can gather insights from across a variety of data sources and collect only the data you need to protect employee privacy while protecting your business. Our remote collection combined with our advanced collection capabilities increases your chances of finding implicating evidence no matter where it’s stored or located.


Subject to Change

10:00 Assessing your Data’s risk in Today’s Remote Working Environment
11:00 Latest Trends and News on Remote Data Collection
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Tips and Tricks
14:00 Q&A and Closing remarks
MAY 18, 2022 – LONDON, UK
Cellebrite Office Mindspace, Metro Building 1 Butterwick W6 8DL

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