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With changing compliance requirements and the need to preserve critical communication data, mobile data in litigation is unavoidable. eDiscovery legal technologists and internal investigation teams need a way to collect responsive mobile data as quickly as possible, anywhere a custodian or a mobile device may be located.

Introducing Cellebrite Endpoint Mobile Now, a SaaS solution for the patent pending remote collection of targeted data on iOS and Android devices.

Endpoint Mobile Now works in three easy steps:

  • 1

    Enter the name and email address of your employee or custodian.
  • 2

    Choose the type of data you want to collect from the mobile device.
  • 3

    Choose the location the data should be uploaded to once collected.

Endpoint Mobile Now is built on Cellebrite’s patent pending remote collection platform and is designed to meet the growing need for the preservation and collection of mobile data in legal cases and internal investigations.


Product Capabilities

  • Remote mobile collection: Examiners can preserve and collect mobile data immediately with true remote mobile collection that targets meaningful data. Custodians can keep their devices and upload data faster than ever for examiners to analyze. No shipping, no travel, no special cables.
  • Seamless collection management: Examiners control collection options, including what data to target and unique storage locations, for each job. Dashboards provide realtime feedback for status updates and troubleshooting.
  • No deployment or updates: Examiners can simply log in and start collecting from mobile devices without the need for complex installation. Additionally, users always have access to the latest features and updates.
  • Scalable pricing and usage: Mobile Now aligns specifically to your organization’s changing needs, allowing you to pay for collections as you need them. Our flexible pricing allows you to avoid large upfront costs and maintenance.

Product Benefits

  • Increase custodian satisfaction: With an easy, straightforward experience, Mobile Now allows custodians to keep their devices in hand. Custodian driven collections minimize the disruption to employees and allows them to retain control over device access.
  • Better data accessibility and availability: Mobile collections with Endpoint Mobile Now are readily available and accessible when and where needed with results available within hours, not days.

If you need flexibility that scales with your business, talk to us about Mobile Now.

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