The Only Solution for Live and Targeted Computer Data Collection

A powerful forensic imaging software solution to perform triage, live data acquisition and targeted data collection for Windows and Mac computers.


Simplify Data Collection for Windows & Mac Computers

As the only forensic solution on the market today that does live and dead box imaging for Windows and Mac, Digital Collector is a must-have tool in the digital forensic toolbox.

Digital Collector is designed for corporate investigators to do quick triage and analysis with the reliability they’ve come to trust from Cellebrite.


Triage Devices

  • Determine if relevant data exists prior to imaging
  • Search for data on devices with advanced search features
  • See file previews of images and MS Office files on Windows computers and all file types supported by Mac computers

Collect Targeted Data

  • Selectively acquire email, chat, address book, and other data on a per-user, per-volume basis
  • Create decrypted physical images of M1 and T2 Macs
  • Authenticate collected data using any or all MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 hash functions

Collect from Live Systems

  • Capture RAM, volatile memory, and targeted collections live on M1 Macs running Monterey
  • Capture important live data such as Internet, chat, and multimedia files in real time
  • Save live collections to a forensically-sound destination device

Create Forensic Images

  • Support for imaging APFS Fusion drives
  • Decrypt FileVault 2 volumes if the password, Keychain file, or recovery key is provided, and then mount the volume as read-only to allow triage, collection of specific files, or imaging
  • Write-protect source devices while maintaining read-write access on destination devices

Enterprise Solutions