Corporate Investigations

Safeguard your business and create a safer workplace with Cellebrite Endpoint Intelligence.


The Challenge

Corporations today need to protect their business and people from internal and external threats. It’s critical to have the capabilities to investigate claims of fraud, intellectual property theft, financial crimes, and other forms of employee misconduct.

To keep businesses secure, corporations need a solution that’ll allow investigators to easily access and investigate claims, so they can get to the truth of the matter quickly and effectively to reduce the business impact and the potential cost of exposure.

  • Shift to hybrid working models means people devices are not always easily accessible
  • Personal and business technology use is blurred
  • Communication and messaging, often on mobile devices, are critical relevant sources
  • Mobile applications that promote collaboration aren’t always sanctioned
  • Increased privacy concerns are being raised

The Solution

  • Industry-leading remote collection capabilities for mobile, computer and cloud

  • Gather insights across data sources to get a 360-degree view of employee communications and activity

  • Build a comprehensive picture to support or refute claims

  • Deep dive into activity or recover history from a device to uncover the truth

Enterprise Solutions