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Collecting Custodian Data to Prepare for Review

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Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM (SGT | GMT | EST)

Collecting what is needed from endpoints regardless of location, is critical in today’s hybrid working environment. Corporate investigators and eDiscovery practitioners need to easily create and define targeted collections from remote computers, remote mobile devices, and from supported cloud workplace applications like Office365, Google Workspace, Slack and Box.

Watch as Lisa Neyen, Lead Software Developer for Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, demonstrates how Cellebrite’s Endpoint Inspector can collect and analyze data from endpoints and cloud workplace application data over an organization’s network to give you the critical insights surrounding sensitive issues like data being shared and exposed, litigation, or employee misconduct.

This webinar will highlight:

  • How to collect data from a custodian’s computer, mobile device, and Slack, validate it, and implement the process for the entire organization
  • The end-to-end collection process in Endpoint Inspector to ensure you’re ready for review and have all the data you need

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  • Lisa Neyen Lead Software Developer for Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions

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