The Industry Standard for Digital Data Examination

Surface actionable intelligence from the broadest range of digital devices, applications, and the Cloud, to work smarter and faster.

Reveal, Review & Share Key Findings with Stakeholders

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer helps uncover key pieces of digital evidence, trace events, and examine data in corporate investigations.

  • Uncover Actionable Intelligence
    Highlight key insights to make quick and insightful decisions on where to focus examinations using application insights and customizable dashboard widgets
  • Visual Events Timeline
    Build a storyline of events and zoom-in on a timeframe of interest with this advanced graphical timeline
  • Advanced Decoding
    Reassemble device and application data into readable formats with SQLite Wizard, Python scripting, App Genie and Hex highlighting
  • Ingest Multiple Formats
    Ingest data extractions from Cellebrite UFED, Cellebrite Premium, cloud warrant returns and other extraction tools
  • Streamlined Workflow
    Streamline data with UFED Cloud or into Cellebrite Pathfinder. Users can also export data into an eDiscovery solution
  • Customized Reports
    Tag key findings and generate easy-to-read reports to share with stakeholders

App Genie

Surface data from 3rd party applications, based on sophisticated heuristics.


Selective Decoding

Import and decode a specific application to accelerate time to evidence.


AI Media Categorization

Automatically detect and classify images and videos based on predefined categories.


Cellebrite Virtual Analyzer

View application data in its native format using an Android emulator.


Add-Ons to Enrich Your Examination

  • Cellebrite Smart Translator
    Examine content across 40 languages using our automated, built-in translation service
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  • Cellebrite UFED Cloud Add-On
    Collect and review cloud-based evidence from 50+ data sources
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  • Cellebrite Forensic Workstation
    Handle the most rigorous datasets for digital intelligence and eDiscovery work using a high performance workstation

High-Performance Forensic Workstation to Optimize Any Digital Investigation

The most complete workstation designed to handle the most rigorous datasets for digital intelligence and eDiscovery work.

Enterprise Solutions