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    Supercharge Your Investigations

    Ultra simple, ultra powerful, and ultra efficient. Gain advanced access to crucial mobile data on the widest range of iOS and Android devices.

  • Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Solutions

    Welcome to Future of Data Extraction

    Easy enough for everyone, powerful enough for anything. You’ll never miss business critical data and you’ll be able accelerate your time to evidence faster than any tool on the market.

5X more devices supported

60% more data available

2X faster processing

Resolve your cases faster with our unmatched speed of extraction and time to evidence

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The new force behind your data extractions

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    An easy-to-use solution for accessing and extracting data from a broader and up-to-date range of iOS and Android devices.

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    Examine and interpret data from more than 50 cloud sources, including ephemeral messaging in a single unified view.

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    A high-level of data defensibility with full file system extractions, physical extractions, and access to highly protected locations.

A solution that addresses your key challenges

  • Lack of necessary tools for deep extraction of the most advanced data for cases and investigations
  • Large volumes of data due to the quantity of phones and tablets and the number of custodians in a case
  • Limited extraction capabilities that cannot penetrate encryption on the device, operating system and mobile applications
  • Inability to quickly uncover key insights into the relevant data in a case or investigation
  • Complex hardware maintenance and persistent application upgrades
  • Inability to scale solutions to accommodate case and investigation workloads

What you can expect

  • Access to the widest variety of iOS and Android devices, plus cloud data, providing a greater range of data sources to investigate.
  • Gain deep access to all device data, including highly secure areas, deleted data, and application artifacts through full file system extraction.
  • Effortlessly extract and decrypt app data that is protected by additional security such as Samsung KNOX Secure Folder and others.
  • With SaaS extraction capabilities, you have the widest coverage of mobile devices for full file system acquisitions, and it’s always up to date.
  • Enjoy the benefits of cloud architecture, reducing the complexities of hardware maintenance, security management, and software updates.
  • Leverage enhanced capabilities at scale, to ingest and decode more, and surface higher quality insights from much larger volumes of data providing a more complete picture of an investigation.
  • Visualize normalized cloud data with the ability to search, filter, tag, and examine data all in one unified view to quickly correlate critical evidence
  • A brand-new dashboard that automatically highlights key insights, while providing the capability to drill down into data sets for quick investigations, saving you time and money.

Never Miss Business Critical Data with our
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The power of SaaS

UFED4PC & Touch

PA Ultra Series

Commander for large deployments

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Inseyets for Enterprise is easy enough for everyone and powerful enough for anything.

Let us show you the unmatched ease-of-use and user experience that has made Cellebrite the market leader for 25 years and supported over 5 million investigations.

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