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Data without Disruption
Smart Remote Collection for Mobile, Computer and Cloud


The Challenge

As the scope and volume of data that must be reviewed increases, so does the cost of eDiscovery. But with Cellebrite, our industry-leading solutions will gather only what’s needed from custodians and remove duplicate data to save you time and money and preserve employee’s privacy.

  • Shift to hybrid working models means people’ devices aren’t always accessible
  • Management requires minimal business disruption to complete litigation collection
  • As the amount of data grows larger, it is more important to only collect targeted data
  • Communication and messaging, often on mobile devices, are critical and relevant sources
  • Increased privacy concerns are being raised by internal and external legal entities
  • Costly review cycles by the legal team requires data to be streamlined prior to review

The Solution

  • Industry-leading remote collection capabilities for mobile, computer and cloud

  • Save time and money—only collect what you need and protect employee privacy

  • Gather insights across data sources to get a 360-degree view of employee communication including messaging activity

  • Eliminate time delays and increased costs associated with gathering data from remote people

  • Seamless integration with eDiscovery review platforms

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