Cellebrite recently sponsored and exhibited at RelativityFest Chicago in October 2019.  This event brought together Relativity’s ecosystem of solutions and partners for eDiscovery.  With over 2,000 attendees participating in sessions, workshops, certified training, and keynote presentations, it was very clear that there are many technology solutions being used to solve eDiscovery challenges today.

As a sponsor, we had an exhibit booth to display our current eDiscovery solutions.  The main focus was on Legalview, which seamlessly integrates data collected through Cellebrite’s mobile forensics technology into Relativity’s eDiscovery platform. What stood out in many of the conversations we had with legal professionals at the event was the specific need law firms have in performing mobile device data collection and processing in-house.

Most law firms today outsource their digital forensics collection and data processing to third parties. This is usually done to mitigate risks involved in data collection. Another reason is that lawyers have been closing cases for years without mobile device data, which they either felt wasn’t necessary or constituted another meritless expense, until recently. With the significant increase of smartphones and mobile devices being used today, most of the evidence needed could be found on the device.

To find out how to extract and analyze mobile device data in your investigations and litigation efforts, watch the webinar “The Value of Mobile Device Data in eDiscovery.”

Building Client Trust And Satisfaction

After learning about Cellebrite’s Business Solutions,  many legal professionals quickly pivoted their opinion from avoiding risk to increasing client trust and satisfaction. Suddenly, the benefits of integrating Cellebrite’s Business Solutions into their workflows became clear.

If legal technologists, litigation support personnel, and paralegals had the ability and expertise to provide in-house mobile forensics extraction using Cellebrite UFED, they could also build stronger cases with quicker resolutions for clients.

Another benefit that surfaced was the firm’s potential to provide better service for clients by reducing the time a custodian is separated from their mobile device. As clients can be phoneless for several hours or more, speeding up phone data extraction and device turnaround time can greatly reduce their anxiety.

Easy Integration Into eDiscovery Platforms

A major challenge that eDiscovery professionals face is integrating data from a mobile device extraction file into an eDiscovery review platform. This time-consuming process can require hours of data format manipulation to transform mobile data into a readable format. 

Cellebrite Business Solution’s partnership with Relativity solves this challenge by seamlessly converting mobile data into a digestible format for the eDiscovery platform. Mobile data is now contextually displayed in the review platform featuring a consolidated view of SMS, MMS, and iMessage conversations. From initial data collection to final review, the digital evidence remains forensically sound.

Read this case study to find out how Anexsys, an independent legal support and technology service provider specializing in eDiscovery, uses Cellebrite and Relativity to provide digital intelligence services to law firms, corporations, and government clients in the UK and the rest of Europe.

With the eDiscovery landscape evolving rapidly, many tools and solutions will be offered to fit companies of all sizes from large corporations to service providers to individual law firms. Evaluating what works best for your company is really a matter of determining what your specific needs are then matching those needs with the right technology and solution.

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