Leverage the most advanced smart phone collection methods with Mobile Elite and

never miss key evidence

  • 95%

    of investigations, text messages and conversations are used as evidence sources.
  • 57%

    of devices that reached the forensics lab are locked.

Uncovering the most amount of data in a digital investigation is key to finding implicating evidence.

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Uncovering the most amount of device data in a digital investigation is key to finding implicating evidence.

  • Do you struggle with extracting full file system from Android devices?
  • Are you missing deleted data from third party chat applications like WeChat, WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram?
  • Are you tired of having to determine all the details about the phone before collection?

With Cellebrite’s Mobile Elite, we’re making this process quick and easy for organizations so you can focus on what matters.

With Mobile Elite, users can gain lawful access to locked devices for a comprehensive picture about what’s on the device and whether the messaging data has been deleted or not.

  • Benefit from combining UFED with Mobile Elite to leverage the most advanced collection methods for unparalleled access to collaborative third party application data and chat conversations.
  • Leverage the most advanced collection methods for unparalleled access to location data, emails stored on the device, system and application logs, and deleted content.
  • Users can perform full-file systems, physical extractions, and access to highly protected locations so corporate investigators can cast the widest net possible for uncovering key incriminating evidence.

The power of Cellebrite’s Mobile Elite capabilities:

  • Forensically collect from devices
  • Rest assured you’re seeing the entire picture of the investigation by collecting deleted data
  • Collect from constant up to date versions for operating systems
  • Access data with file-based encryption and full-disk encryption

Mobile Elite capabilities allows users to:

  • Recover data from third party applications including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Telegram, Signal, and more
  • Access emails and attachments, wherever they’re stored
  • Experience unparalleled ease of use with an intuitive user interface for users of all experience levels
  • Utilize flexible deployment options with on-premises and SaaS options

Increase your chances of finding implicating evidence stored in multiple messaging sources.

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