Case Studies

Anexsys achieves quicker case resolution through Cellebrite and Relativity partnership

Anexsys is an independent legal support and technology service provider, specializing in eDiscovery, Digital Forensics and Scanning Services to support law firms, corporations and government clients in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Their digital forensics specialists use the latest software solutions and techniques to extract data from a variety of digital devices including servers, mobile devices and laptops. They also prepare expert evidence for civil and criminal proceedings, and regularly appear in court as expert witnesses.

5 main challenges:

  • Sophisticated encryption barriers on iOS and Android devices.
  • A growing number of businesses in the UK use enterprise mobility management solutions that control access to phones and apps.
  • Lack of compatibility between mobile extraction data and eDiscovery platforms.
  • Reduce the time needed to investigate phones so they can be returned to their owners faster.
  • The growing need for a unified view of communications across multiple apps.

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