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    Introducing Endpoint Inspector

    A digital intelligence solution that provides a single source for secure remote access and selective collection and analysis for mobile, computer, cloud, and cloud workplace applications.

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    Access Endpoints Safely & Securely Anytime, Anywhere

    Hybrid work is here to stay, and no matter where employees are located, organizations need the ability to access, preserve, collect, and review data from devices and cloud workplace applications quickly and efficiently – without disrupting employee productivity.

said the main use case was investigating potential data theft by existing or departing employees
reported collecting from mobile devices at remote locations is most the difficult
use 2 or more tools to collect data they need

A unified collection workflow for all sources

Remote collections for computer, mobile, cloud and cloud workplace applications like Office365, Google Workspace, Slack and Box.

Intuitive dashboard for real time view of users, agent status, collection jobs and application events.

Seamless Data Collection: Exercise full control over collection options, precisely targeting data and devices. Enterprises always maintain control over where their data is stored, customizing the storage location to align with the collection source.

Endpoint Inspector is available as both an on-premise solution as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Collect simultaneously from multiple cloud workplace app sources without logging into every app with our on-premise solution.

Seamless consent-based Remote Mobile Collection from devices including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

Our patent-pending remote mobile collection technology is available in both on-premise and SaaS based offerings.

An intuitive employee collection workflow ensure minimal business disruption.

Authenticate with a QR code rather than user credentials for WhatsApp and Telegram with either our on-premise or SaaS-based solution.

Streamline computer collections with easy-to-use YARA-compliant workflow templates

Preview and triage files on live remote computers to determine data relevance

Remote computer collection is available with either our on-premise or SaaS-based solution.

Our cloud-based solution has you covered

  • Seamless remote collection from endpoints
    iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and cloud workplace applications like Office365, Google Workspace, Slack and Box
  • Minimize business disruption
    Easily collect without employees having to hand over their device, saving valuable time and money.
  • Collect from the most sources
    Easy-to-use interface for Computer, Mobile, Cloud, and Cloud Workplace Application collection in one tool.
  • Intuitive YARA-compliant Incident Response Template
    Triage incidents and gather sensitive, volatile data to assess risks and quickly respond to events.
  • Unified collection
    Leverage a unified collection workflow for all endpoints
  • Fast actionable evidence for all your needs
    From full disk imaging in a remote computer collection, to keyword or dictionary searches in a targeted collection

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