Thanks to technology, “business as usual” has been redefined. Enterprises need the flexibility to easily gather data, efficiently analyze key evidence, and move internal investigations forward as quickly as possible. Whether it’s customer contact information, proprietary technology, trade secrets, or company policies, organizations need to take proactive steps to protect their data.

Here are five reasons why organizations need advanced collection capabilities in their toolbox:

  1. Increase your chances of finding implicating evidence. With access to third-party application data, chat conversations, location data, emails stored on the device, system and application logs, and deleted content, you will gather insights across a variety of data sources.

    Gaining lawful access to third-party chat conversations and application data helps ensure investigators get a comprehensive picture of what’s on the device and whether the data has been deleted or not.

  2. Conduct a thorough and compliant incident response investigation. By leveraging a secure and controlled environment, you’ll gain access to relevant and important information for malware detection and root-cause analysis.

  3. Collect more data than you would with a logical extraction. Advanced collection capabilities enhance your investigations and analysis with the ability to perform full-file systems, physical extractions, and access to highly protected locations such as the iOS Keychain or the Secure Folder provides a more complete look at all the data.

    Be confident you are getting the most data from the most devices. Our advanced collection capabilities also enable investigators to gather data from iOS and Android devices.

  4. Easily gather evidence and gain flexibility on accessing devices. Advanced extraction capabilities provide the flexibility to perform advanced acquisition with the latest technology when and where you need it. As a scalable, easy-to-use solution, organizations can build their own offering to meet the needs and budget of different locations.

    Our intuitive user interface helps investigators focus on collecting data, not learning a complicated new tool every time you’re ready to gather evidence and perform an extraction.

  5. Adhere to employee privacy regulations by gaining consent-based access to devices. Increased privacy concerns are being raised by internal and external legal entities when collecting from these devices. It’s vital that investigators need to complete litigation collection but do so with minimal business disruption while protecting employee privacy.

    Our advanced collection capabilities allow you to easily and efficiently access company-owned devices where the encryption or passcode may have been misplaced.

Cellebrite is the global leader delivering innovative digital endpoint solutions that help enterprises access, analyze, and manage data from hundreds of devices, recover and examine the evidence, and maintain the chain of custody. In a world that’s evolving rapidly, Cellebrite looks beyond the horizon and continues to design solutions to keep data within reach, transform it, and reveal important insights to protect your business and employees.

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your corporate investigations in this remote working environment, contact Cellebrite today.

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