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In a world that’s evolving rapidly, Cellebrite looks beyond the horizon and continues to design solutions to keep data within reach, transform it, and reveal important insights to protect your business services and people.

Endpoint Intelligence for an Evolving Workplace

Endpoint Intelligence for an Evolving Workplace

Thanks to technology, business as usual has been redefined. Remote work is the new norm which means people can now access data everywhere, and work from anywhere.

Since people are accessing workplace applications, computers, and mobile devices beyond the office, enterprises are more concerned about how to handle critical issues like sensitive data being shared and exposed, litigation, and employee misconduct.

Additionally, traditional threats like sexual harassment and discrimination, fraud and embezzlement, and IP theft and exfiltration are magnified and continue to increase as we shift into a hybrid workforce.

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How Cellebrite’s Enterprise Solutions Solve Your Challenges:

  • Industry-leading remote collection capabilities for mobile devices, computers and cloud workplace applications all in one unified view
  • Save time and money—only collect what you need and protect employee privacy
  • Gather insights across data sources to get a 360-degree view of employee communication
  • Eliminate time delays and increased costs associated with gathering data from remote people
  • Seamless integration with the systems your teams currently use to increase stakeholder visibility

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) is an independent body established by the International Governing Bodies of Tennis to promote, encourage, enhance and safeguard the integrity of professional tennis worldwide.

The use of Cellebrite’s Pathfinder and Physical Analyzer products directly assist in ­complex and challenging multi-jurisdictional, match-fixing investigations. Such activity enables critical and key data to be recovered from mobile device extractions, providing the best evidence for presentation during disciplinary or criminal proceedings.

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